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biden pelosi ripJoe Biden and Nancy Pelosi (RIP) 


This is the first time in 2021 and the second day that I have seen the winds of death blowing on the face of earth. The wind of death is a precursor that something wicked will happen soon like death of someone highly important or death of a famous celebrity. When the wind blows strongly on trees and the roofs of many houses that is like an angel of death is flying over us, announcing the coming death of some people or many people thru an unexpected calamity like strong earthquake or flood.

Of course, it is common knowledge that earthquake occurs when there is no wind in the air or no wind is blowing.

 Let me make a conjecture now.

According to Tucker Carlson, there would be 30,000 armed Federal troops in Washington DC on Wednesday, the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the USA. Consequently, there could be trouble like the start of Civil War in America on January 20, 2021. China could start that by simply edging the Democrats to start troubles on many States, like Pennsylvania or California.

I am wondering why many videos on YouTube are showing Joe Biden inside a jail, like the video below. Are many people prophets of God too like the false prophets in the internet that said Biden would be jailed on January 20?

Video Title: FULL Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/19/21 | Fox News Today January 19, 21



Here are many video pics taken from the internet with Joe Biden in jail and wearing an orange overall.


Joe Biden in jail


 bideninjail 02

Joe Biden in Jail pic 02


bideninjail 03Joe Biden in Jail pic 03


Joe Biden in jail (picture 4 from the internet)Joe Biden in Jail (picture 04)


Biden and Pelosi in Jail (picture 05)Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi in Jail (picture 05)


(YouTube and the US government may have censored all videos in the USA that shows people dressed in prison clothing. Do you know why? You ought to know by now for there is a TV series already with that title 'Orange is the new Blue'.)

Video Title: The video below has been censored by YouTube in their website. 



Is Joe Biden really on his way to prison? What is that R.I.P. on top of his picture? Is he going to commit suicide in prison as well?

Why is it that Nancy Pelosi also garbed in orange clothing and in jail? Is Nancy Pelosi with Obama and Joe Biden as well? Will they be attending the inauguration of the next President on January 20 dressed in orange?

What happened to Nancy after the second impeachment of Donald Trump in Congress has ended?

Did you know that there are two malicious websites that claimed Nancy has been arrested by US Marshalls after the second impeachment?


Pelosiinprison020Nancy Pelosi in prison  


Whatever happen soon it will probably have the blessing of heaven. The winds of death can blow up to Indonesia and the USA. But it could just be windy here today on this part of the world. Please click the PayPal button below and donate some money for the continued operation of this website. (That is what they are saying on many YouTube videos? I have probably been infected with an American Patriots' virus now from watching too much videos?)

If they imprison the owners of Google and Facebook as well for 'sedition', is the internet going back to normal, with no censorship from the socialists and communists, or shall we wait for the coming of the Messiah in 2022 or 2023?

We really like to know why you put Joe Biden in jail in your picture. Please send us an email  message for your answer, click here or contact us.

Addendum: (January 26, 2021) I now know why there is a three-letter RIP in some of  the pictures of Joe Biden in the internet. The people that placed RIP in the picture of Joe Biden probably believe in that ancient American prophecy about the President of the USA. The President of the USA that won in year with 0 ending like 2020, is going to die like waht happened to Abraham Lincoln. That must be the reason why Donald Trump did not impose the 2018 Insurrection Act. I thought he chickened out.

Read this article for more info, click here. Watch the last video below about American history. 


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