Prophets of God?


I have been chosen by God to become His prophet. But as time passes by, I realized that I am not the only one that has been chosen. It could even turn out that I might be the lowest ranking prophet today for I have to decode first the prophecy that Adonai is giving me. Most of the time, my interpretation is not even accurate.

Watch the video below but do not believe completely for there are many false prophets in the internet today. Discover on your own who the better prophet among those that are claiming God had chosen them to be His spokesman.

The prophet on the video below is Pastor Alan Didio. The title of this video is truly interesting - God Told Me "America Will Not Survive" - Prophetic Word for 2021”.



Here is another video from a ‘prophet’ of God. The title of the video is God Showed Me THIS Coming After Passover. It comes from the TV shows 'ISN' (It's Supernatural Network).

Passover falls on March 27, 2021 and Pentecost is on the third week of May (May 16 or May 17, 2021).

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