George W. Bush Officially Hanged At Gitmo

 Bush hanged at Gitmo

George W Bush Hanged At Gitmo


On January 4, as scheduled, George W. Bush was led to the southern edge of Guantanamo’s US military base in Cuba or Gitmo to be hanged. The former US President was part of the people that masterminded the 9-11 crime against the people of the USA. His crime involved multiple acts of treason on the USA and its people, including war crimes that contributed to the deaths of 8,793 American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the people involved on this 911 crime were already dead like Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell. Dick Cheney had already been arrested by the US military.


This news is officially reported first by the website named on January 7, which focus mostly on the people that had been involved and  sentenced to die for the crime of treason against the US November 3 General Election.


George W Bush and Dick Cheney Masterminded the 9-11 Terrorist AttackGeorge W Bush and Dick Cheney Masterminded the 9-11 Terror Attack 


The hanging of George W. Bush occurred like what happened to the people involved in treasonous act against the American nation that occurred mostly around the November 3, 2020 US Election. Some of the people that had been tried, executed or died at Gitmo included Hilary Clinton (former US Secretary of State), Bill Clinton (poisoned by the Deep State), Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft), Adam Schiff (US Senator), Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden), James Comey (former FBI director), and William Barr (former US Attorney General).

Many of the dead people tried and hanged at Gitmo have their doubles or doppelgängers and being presented by the US Media Mob as still living and alive.


hilary 09 Hilary Clinton Hanged At Gitmo read at



Barr AG rrnWilliam Barr Hanged At Gitmo's Southern Edge on August 2, 2021


Adam Schiff Shot By Firing Squad on August 13Adam Schiff Was Shot By Firing Squad at Gitmo on August 13, 2021 at 6:00 AM

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