Joe Biden The Phony President No More (01072021)


This man who would likely become POTUS soon on January 20, 2021. The US mainstream media hid the truth about his family connection to CCP before the 2020 US Election. We cannot really say that Biden has really won in the election but many Americans believe President Donald Trump has won the election by LANDSLIDE, which could be true because of massive evidence againts Voter Fraud.

The mainstream Media of the USA had covered up the crime commited by Joe Biden and his family before the US election. But now they are all coming out in the open. The FBI is probably part of the cover up with the active participation of Bill Barr the secretary of Justice at that time.

Video 1

Title: Biden gone MAD after SHOCKING crimes of Hunter REVEALED to Bill Barr’s team



Video 2

Title: Joe Biden is a sex maniac. There are reports that Biden, when he was the Vice President of the USA under Obama he used to touch the breast and grab the asses of the female Secret Service agents.



 Video 3

 Title: Did Joe Biden admit that he will cheat in the election?

Details: The next video below shows how Joe Biden actually admit that they will cheat in the US Election, which really happened. Kamala Harris is truly funny. 



Video 4

Title: New Obamagate docs show Biden LIED about Flynn investigation

Details: Saagar Enjeti discusses developments in Michael Flynn's now dismissed case, that show former FBI official Peter Strzok, Susan Rice, and Joe Biden's involvement in Flynn's investigation. Joe Biden is truly a liar according to this video.





Here is another video that falls under the prophecy-in-disguise class. If you know the book of Revelation, then you can probably believe on Obama's plan for Joe Biden.



Whatever be the reason why Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th President of the USA, it clearly shows at this time that Joe Biden won  in the 2020 US Presidential Election. Donald Trump has lost in the 2020 US Election, which is the reason why he departed from the White House for Joe Biden that won is going to live in the White House once he has been inaugurated.

Watch the video below and see a prophecy concerning Joe Biden, the man that won in the 2020 US Election.



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