Martial Law in the Philippines



President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines.


I have seen in a vision at night, the imposition of Martial Law suddenly by President Duterte in the land. The military soldiers are enforcing the law in the land. There are many military trucks all over  the road, running full of soldiers with guns. There is a Martial Law in the land. The soldiers are following and keeping the laws written in the Constitution of the land. The vision happened more than two years ago. Martial Law is truly scary for many people in the House for many of them are guilty of breaking the laws in the Constitution. Only the President can impose Martial Law like President Rodrigo Duterte. 



Soldiers will enforce Martial Law in the Land of Ephraim.


Military Trucks in a Vision

 Military Trucks with Soldiers Are Coming in the Land. Changes are coming soon,



There is another country on earth that desperately needs Martial Law. But its president has turned chicken. Watch video below to know what is this creature known as chicken on planet earth. Chicken can be eaten and cooked.

The people in the House are mostly criminals. They should all go to jail. The land is asking for authoritarian rule because there are so many liars and lawyers pushing the winner's back against the wall. May God bless that man with courage, determination and strength! The people is demanding for the Law to save them.


Modern Tribe of Ephraim's Flag


January 12, 2021 Updates:

The land and people of Ephraim belong to the Lord. We only have two more years left before His second coming. This is a prophetic vision at night that occurred two years ago. The soldiers are already in place but how can President Duterte communicate with them for Tweeter has already deleted the President's account.



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