The End of the US Media Mob

mr Trump 01Donald Trump shall return soon in the White House. 

During the November 3, 2020 US Presidential Election, there were four major groups that participated in the stealing of the US election, namely, Big Tech corporations, US Media Mob, leftist Democrats and CCP of Red China. The US Election Coup d’ etat is also participated by DOJ, CIA, FBI and the justices of the US Supreme Court. There are people from those government agencies that have taken part in the stealing of the US election, which is the reason why the election fraud had been covered-up well. The US Election had been under well-coordinated attack from outside and inside the USA, and there are many evidences against the stealing of the US election.


For instance, Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook (Big Tech) had spent at least four hundred million dollars ($ 400,000,000.00) in the US Election. He gave money to a certain group name Center for Tech and Civic Life based in Illinois, USA. This group that committed many constitutional election violation provided funding for over 2,500 election offices across the USA so people can cheat in the election in favor of Joe Biden.  


z1 696x392Mark Zuckerberg owner of Facebook and Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter

The Department of Justice had also taken part in the US Election Coup d’état by not investigating the ongoing election fraud that happened. William Barr, the US Attorney General received US 7 million dollars from a Chinese national after he condemned Trump on national television.  Barr was hanged in the gallows near Windward Point Lighthouse in Gitmo’s southern edge on August 2. The US military tribunal had found Barr guilty of treason, seditious conspiracy, advocating overthrow of government, recruiting for the service against the United States, and enlistment to serve against the United States.


Barr AG rrnWilliam Barr, former AG of USA


The US News Agencies that became known notoriously as the US Media Mob had also covered the truth and continued fabricating lies for many months after the election. They are claiming that there is no election fraud according to Attorney General William Barr but we now know why the US Attorney General had not seen the widespread voter fraud. He got paid $ 7 US million dollar by the Chinese not to look for signs of stealing the US election or voter fraud.

Many Big Tech corporations have also taken part in the Election Coup, together with many leftist and communist Democrats. The participation of Dominion Corporation in the election fraud that runs the online election had made the stealing of the US election.

Approximately, there are more than 80 million Americans that know of the election coup and the voter fraud that occurred during the US General Election in November of 2020 in spite of the censorship enforced by the Big Tech corporations. The US military was also aware of what the American spies and communists had done. The US military had sentenced to death by hanging the billionaire Bill Gates while the Deep State poisoned Bill Clinton in his prison cell at Gitmo.

The Deep state had stolen the US election in 2020 and the Americans who are living under the laws of the US constitution are now seeking for justice. They know that Donald Trump had indeed won in the US election and there would be hell to pay for the members of the US Media Mob very soon.

Before Donald Trump left the White House, he had signed up the Insurrection Act of 1807 that had given power the US military to investigate the treasonous election perpetrated by many American spies and traitors, especially those who are part of the Deep State cabal.


The Media Mob


US Media News Agencies that supported Joe Biden in the November 3, 2020 US Election are known now as Media Mob. These Media Agencies continue fabricating lies and utterly ignoring many election frauds committed during and after the US General election. These US Media Agencies set up Fact-Checkers in the internet to cover up and deny the existence of lies and voter fraud from being known by many people all over the world.

The Media Mob have appointed themselves as arbiters of truth and together with the Big Tech corporations, leftist Democrats and corrupt American government agencies. They had stolen the election by cheating and lies. These Americans have no business to act as gatekeepers of truth when they are so corrupt and wicked to the bone as if they are truly the children of Satan the Devil, as it is written.


Bill GatesBill Gates (William Henry Gates III) is the co-founder of Microsoft


If Bill Gates had been successfully hanged by the US military at Gitmo, the owners and publishers of the US Media Agencies would not be able to escape the punishment they deserve soon. Bill Gates had more money than the leaders of the US Media Mob when he got arrested by the US military. The US military has already completed their investigation in the US election and quickly soon the truth would be known to all.

When there are false Media Agencies, like the members of US Media Mob, you cannot rely on the news you see and hear on TV and the internet. The news are more likely fabricated, false and fake. The Media Mob continues waging their daily malignant campaign against truth and fairness up to this time.

The Media Mob’s dishonesty is unquestionable. They continuously lie in their news publication, even the crimes committed by the Biden family. Fact Checker from US Media Mob are mostly fraud and telling fabricated lies to hide the truth from the people. They lie so much you think they are in Communist China and not in the USA. There are also many news media agencies from other countries that reported the same lies by the US Media Mob.

The entire campaign of Joe Biden is based upon lie, supported by the Media Mob that declared Biden as the President-elect. But the curse of the Zero-Year election had already caught up with Joe Biden on February of 2021. They said he suffered massive stroke and already lying brain dead in the hospital. He is now lying comatose at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center since February.

Below are some of the members of the US Media Mob that censor and cover-up the truth. There is a conspiracy among the members of the USA Media Mob to hide the truth.

  • NY Times
  • Washington Post
  • USA Today
  • ABC
  • CNN
  • CBS


Some of the true facts that the Media Mob has covered Up

  • Hanging of Hilary Clinton at Gitmo
  • Poisoning of Bill Clinton at Gitmo Cell
  • Hanging of Bill Gates on October 1
  • Massive Stroke of Joe Biden on February 2021
  • Adan Schiff’s Death By Firing Squad
  • Tom Hanks’ Death By Lethal Injection
  • Death by Hanging of Susan Rice
  • Death of Podesta
  • Death of FBI James Comey
  • Hunter Biden's Hanged at Gitmo on October 15, 2021


trump 02

Mr. Donald Trump


Before Trump left the White House he has already signed the law that will give power the US military to arrest and sentence the people involved in the US Election coup and other related crimes. When a foreign country intervenes in the US Election, the Insurrection Act of 1807 has the power to arrest and incarcerate the Americans involved. The guilty can be swiftly put to death by the US military.

Donald Trump has the power to legitimately punish those who are guilty through the help of the US military that always analyze and watch the US elections. He will return to the US Presidency and the White House soon.

And He said to me, "It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts. He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son. But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars (Media Mob) shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death"(emphasis and insertion by the writer, Revelation 21:6-8, NKJV).


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