President Donald J Trump interview Complete

The Bible prophesies of many things that will happen on earth for that is how we will know that the Bible is true when those prophecies come true. But if you have no understanding of biblical prophecies you will never know that the prophecies written on it are coming true. The Holy Bible speaks of many things that will occur on earth—the good and the bad. There are people that wanted to know how prophecies would be fulfilled.

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trump interview   

President Donald J Trump interview Part 1)

In this exclusive interview, former President Donald Trump sits down with top White House aide Kash Patel to discuss vaccine mandates for children, the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, threats from communist China, and what he sees as the path forward for rebuilding American authority globally.



President Donald J Trump interview Part 2 

Uninterrupted discussion on all things Afghanistan collapse, crimes against humanity, America’s security and state of this nation

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