Covid-19 Gene Mutations All Over The World


Video 1

Title: Covid 19 All Over The World

Details: This video shows the effect of Covid 19 in California and China. Video starts at 20:28. Contents are listed below.

20:20 California Lifts Stay at Home Order

22:22 Court Denies Appeal, Nixes Capacity Limit

23:36 Chaplains on Frontline of Pandemic

25:15 San Deigo Zoo Gorillas Recover From Virus

26:27 Mass Virus Testing in 2 Beijing Districts

28:01 Pet Owner Walks Dog From 4th Floor

29:05 More People Collapse in Shanghai Subways (Watch this portion)

30:27 Thousands in China Face Food Shortage

33:24 CVS to Offer Vaccinations in 11 States

34:06 Expert: Energy Prices to Rise Under Biden

36:32 No Super Bowl Ads for Budweiser This Year

37:22 8 Job Fields See Growth of Remote Work

38:47 Godiva to Shutter All N. American Stores

39:55 450-Year-Old Oxford Pub Succumbs to Crisis

Covid 19 Conspiracy

In December of 2019, China had officially given the world the Covid-19 pandemic in order to cover-up the CCP-led election Coup D' Etat in the coming 2020 US Election. Unexpectedly, the person that the Chinese communist had chosen to win by stealing election is going to succumb in the Coronavirus pandemic before March comes in 2021. There is a God in heaven and He is watching over the American Patriots.

COVID 19 Cure Under Attack


There is a cure now for COVID-19 virus. But it is now clear that Big Pharma and the Leftist Democrats in the USA are working hard to block the use of those drugs. The drugs that are successfully being used by US doctors in their battle against COVID 19 infections are the same drugs that the US President Donald Trump has been using.

This is the reason why many Americans on the Left are so against it.

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