Armageddon 2026



The Land of Megiddo 


As we stated in one of our articles posted on this website, we could not truly determine that this present evil world would end in 2022 due to the absence of the prophesied Two Witnesses (Revelation 11). The New Jerusalem congregation stipulated the appearance of the Two Witnesses to occur in the year 2022 the end of the world. However, at this update we have not yet determine where the so-called two witnesses are or where they could come from.

The Great Tribulation and the Covid-19 End Game




gt c19 egame intro

 Covid-19 (variants) Virus Gene Mutations for Catholics and Seventh-Day Adventists

(This is an original writing of Rav Yeshua Ed. This is not a book review or article review of other writer’s work. References are made for writers with mental and writer’s block (Read the Bible). Be careful when you copy and paste works posted in the internet for that is tantamount to plagiarism. )

The world is currently facing the Great Tribulation written in biblical prophecies. If you are not knowledgeable about bible prophecies then you have no idea what God’s masterplan upon the entire human race. For instance, why are you born here on earth? What is God’s purpose on mankind? Does God give you all the time on earth to lead your despicable wicked life with no correction and end at all?

We are now living in a very critical juncture in the history of mankind. This is the time when God’s hands-off policy upon mankind is about to end very soon. Judgment day is already upon us and many people are already getting sick and dying because of Covid-19 (virus from Wuhan, China) pandemic.

The Two Witnesses Profile



There is a coming wedding in the land of Israel when the Messiah returns. The English word for wedding is ‘chatuna’ and chatuna needs one bridegroom (chatan) and one Bride (challah) plus Two Witnesses (edim) to happen. It is for this reason that God the father has to unleash the two witnesses in this end of times with the mission to seek out the Bride and prepare her for the coming marriage with the Lamb.

The End of the Roman Catholic Church


Roman Catholic Church's Headquarters in Vatican City (Slider picture in 2020)


In the year 2019, a decree had gone out from heaven for the destruction of Babylon the Great, which is the coded name for the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Bible. Babylon the Great prophetically refers to the Roman Catholic Church, the image of the Beast or the European Union. The modern version of the Holy Roman Empire now is the European Union, which have the prophetic title of the Beast in Revelation 13:1, “a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy” (KJV). Many of the prophecies written in Revelation 13 is retroactive.


Reading the Chapters of the Book of Revelation.

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