False Christianity

Exposing The False Religion Of Christianity



There are almost 2 billion people on earth that adhere to the false religion of Christianity. These people have no idea how Christianity was formed and who founded it from the start. They thought Christianity is a new religion that Jesus Christ had founded and formed in the 1st century CE. They are so wrong.

However, the Holy Bible bears witness to the true origin of Christianity and who its founder really is. It is hard to believe that more than 2 billion people on earth are now practicing a false and a pagan religion. They are using in their worship the name of a God from Mt. Olympus. They also celebrate the birthday of the biblical Son of God at the wrong time and at the wrong season. The pictorial presentation of the Christ that many believers are using is badly amiss and not biblical. Many of these people unknowingly practice lawlessness and utter rebellion against the true teachings of God and His Son, which could be the simple rationale why they could not properly discern the truth.

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