The Holy Bible


There is a book that God had inspired to be written for the guidance of mankind on planet earth.

All of the writers of the books within the Holy Bible were Jewish. They were all Israelites and Jewish. God had inspired them to write in a book his teachings, revelations and prophecies that he had given them. The Holy Bible is simply a collection of their writings.

The Holy Scriptures known also as the Tanach or Old Testament writings are part of the Holy Bible. The other part of the Holy Bible is known as the New Testament writing. The so-called four gospel books testify to us who the Promised Messiah of Israel really is. In the gospel books, the prophecies of the Anointed King of Israel are written in a way that the wicked would not clearly understand and decode. There are many interpretations today of the teachings of the promised Messiah whose true name is Yeshua or Rabbi Yeshua to the people who keep and follow His true teachings.

The name Jesus is not the true name of the Son of Yosef and Miryam. The name Jesus that the Christian people are using to refer to the Son of Yosef and Miryam actually means ‘Son of Zeus.’ Zeus is the King of all the gods in Mt. Olympus. Jesus is the name that the Romans were using to refer to the promised Son of King Zeus. It was Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8: 9) that first use the name of Jesus to refer to the Son of Yosef and Miryam. Rabbi Yeshua had not use the name Jesus during his lifetime, so He would not acknowledge the name Jesus as His own name when He returns to the Jewish people.

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