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Many religious people have mistaken the gospel as the story of Jesus Christ, the savior of the entire world. The word gospel today has become the record of the life of Rabbi Yeshua the Promised Messiah of God. The meaning of the word 'gospel' has indeed become incongruous and discrepant to the point that it now becomes the message of Christianity. Jesus (false name of the Messiah of Israel) is being promoted as the founder of the Christian religion for the gospel, they claimed, is all about Him.

But the name ‘Jesus’ is merely fictitious and it has nothing to do with the Son of God that came out of the belly of Mary or Miryam the wife of Joseph or Yosef. The true name of the Christ or the Son of God is Yeshua or Rabbi Yeshua. The name Jesus means the son of Zeus (pronounced as ‘zoos’ and ‘ze-us’) and the believers in the name of Jesus have no idea that they are worshipping the image (picture) of the son of Zeus, king of all the Gods in Greek and Roman mythology.

The true Son of God whose real name is Yeshua or Rabbi Yeshua is sent by God the Father unto the Jewish people to save and to redeem from the penalty of sin the Jewish people who are under the Law or Torah of Moshe Rabbenu (Moses our Teacher). Yeshua is born in the land of Judea when Herod was the puppet King of Israel under the Roman captivity. Rabbi Yeshua came upon the Jewish people with the ‘Good News’ or the ‘Gospel’ of the coming Kingdom of God. It is about time for the unbelieving Jewish people to know what the gospel of the Kingdom of God really is.


Israel will soon become the Kingdom of God on earth.The coming Solomonic Kingdom of Israel is the true Gospel of Rabbi Yeshua HaMashiach.


Most of the Jewish rabbis consider the gospel as referring to the entire books of the New Testament. It is not easy to understand the Holy Bible or the New Testament writings when you merely browse through its pages. If the Christian people could not grasp the truth in the pages of the New Testament, how can the unbelieving Jewish rabbis fare any better?

As I stated earlier, Jesus is merely the false name of the Christ of Israel or the false name of the promised Messiah of Israel. Thus, if Jesus is merely a false name then there is no salvation in the name of Jesus. Jesus would not be able to save anyone who believes in him. Jesus is not really the biblical Son of God but a mere by-product of Greek mythology and paganism that the first Roman Pope applied on himself.

"Jesus is merely the false name of the Christ of Israel or the false name of the promised Messiah of Israel."

When the Promised Messiah of Israel returns in the land that belongs to the Jewish people, the Christian people would not even know the Second Coming of the Messiah has already happened. No rapture would ever happen. There will be no fleeing time for the members of the Church of Laodiceans.

The true name of the Promised Messiah of God is Yeshua or Rabbi Yeshua for He is sent by God to teach the truth. Yeshua teaches the true knowledge of God to the Jewish people and His teachings are recorded in the New Testament writings of the Holy Bible. We should refer to the Son of God as our teacher or Yeshua Rabbenu and Rabbi Yeshua, as it is written, ”All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children” (Isaiah 54:13, NKJV).

Verse 13 prophesies of the coming millennial rule of Christ at which time the children of Israel shall be taught by Rabbi Yeshua. They will listen to their Anointed King and great shall be their prosperity for that is what the coded word ‘peace’ really means. In Hebrew, the word ‘shalom’ wherein the English word ‘peace’ has been translated denotes wealth and prosperity, not really peace of mind.

It is the true teachings of Rabbi Yeshua that could bring true shalom or peace to the Jewish people.

Rabbi Yeshua is the messenger of the gospel or the good news whose sole purpose is tikkun olam, or the repair of this present corrupt and evil world. The good news that Yeshua had brought to the Jewish people should serve as a warning to all the inhabitants on earth that the destruction of this present evil world is already at hand. As it is written in the book of Revelation, when the true gospel of Jesus Christ (Rabbi Yeshua) finds its fulfillment, the sea would be gone from the face of the earth.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more” (Revelation 21:1, RSV).  

The waters of the sea shall disappear gradually from the face of the earth until the sea is no more when the Lord (Adon Yeshua) comes the second time. The word ‘sea’ is coded here in verse 1 and it denotes false religions. All man-made religions shall be gone on earth including the false name of the Son of God popularly known as Jesus. The name Jesus would be gone as well when the Promised Messiah of Israel has returned in the land of Israel. The Christian people would suddenly realize that Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church have deceived them when it comes to the true faith and identity of Rabbi Yeshua the promised Messiah of Israel.

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