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Understanding The New Jerusalem Congregation

Understanding What the New Jerusalem Really Is

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The New Jerusalem is a Torah-keeping Jewish congregation, not part of the Messianic Jewish group. It was formerly one of the Congregations of God that had gone out of the prophesied seven churches. Yeshua the Promised Messiah of Israel has led this little group out of the false religion of Christianity. Yeshua taught the members of the New Jerusalem congregation the importance of keeping all the commandments of God written in the Torah of Moses. The true teachings of Yeshua in the New Testament have brought enlightenment to the New Jerusalem congregation.  The members of this particular group have become Jewish wholeheartedly.

The New Jerusalem is a class by itself. They are now practicing the customs and other religious practices of Judaism. The Jewish rabbis and sages of Orthodox Judaism bring more understanding to the religious teachings being espoused by the New Testament writings and even by the entire Holy Bible itself.

Since the year 2004, the New Jerusalem has discovered that the teachings of Jesus are the same teachings that the Jewish rabbis of Orthodox Judaism are teaching today. The New Testament writings teach us the religion of Judaism and how to keep the Torah of Moses better than the Jewish people.

But this concept and knowledge about the gospel or the New Testament are not easy for many people to learn. Take for instance the Jewish rabbis in Israel, their understanding of the believers in our Lord Jesus Christ is based solely on their views about the Roman Catholic Church and the daughter-Churches that have severed relations with it. Most of the Jewish people considered the believers and followers of Yeshua today as Christians or Notzarim.



The Jewish rabbis could not accept the fact that a Jew can believe in Yeshua the Promised Messiah and remains Jewish, worshiping only one G-d and not the concept of a three-Godhead-in-One (Trinity). On the other hand, the Jewish people who are discovering Jesus as the Promised Messiah have no idea at all that the Christian people do not really believe and follow the son of Joseph and Mary. They have no inkling at all that Messianic Judaism is a Christian group dressed in Hebrew.

The New Jerusalem congregation is not part of Messianic Judaism.

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